Whether you need a few tradesmen or a whole subcontracted team, our subcontracting services can help you with the right people.



POLISH BUILDING CONTRACTORS were born out of the construction industry's increasing need for highly skilled tradesmen, engineers and managers way back near the beginning of the millennium.

A GREAT OPPORTUNITY! Since May 2004 when Poland and a bunch of other Eastern European countries joined the EU, over a million Polish workers have poured into the UK looking for work, many of them with the type of construction skills that are in high demand.

PERFECT SYNERGY. The problem was how to utilise this raw talent as few Polish workers coming to this country speak more than very basic English.

ENGLISH SPEAKING MANAGERS AND FOREMEN. It became apparent to us that we should recruit experienced managers who speak both Polish and English to act as an interface between Polish tradesmen and their employers. Not exactly rocket science, but a viable solution which we've proven to work very successfully over the past 9 years.


Pyza Przemyslaw - Managing Director of Polish Subcontracting Services
Peter, the Managing Director of Polish Building Contractors has worked in the construction field for over 15 years. He says:

"Polish workers together with immigrant workers from Eastern Europe are adding new impetus to the construction industry in the UK. Highly skilled, and hard-working,

I really don't know what all the fuss is about, and frankly I don't care!. In my view, their positive enthusiasm is pointing the way forward towards a more tolerant and unified European society, where we all stand to benefit."


Polish Building Contractors London aim to provide clients with the highest levels of service at the best possible price. Our clients measure our service by successfully completing their projects on time and at the lowest possible cost.


By leveraging the talented skilled foreign labour available in London, Polish Building Contractors London are able to successfully deliver projects within most client's time and cost constraints.

Whether it's a home extension, a loft conversion, a basement conversion, or simply a facelift to your property, Polish Building Contractors London will provide the very best service you'll find anywhere in london.

Our dedicated teams of builders are highly skilled in their job and have a very positive attitude to work, aiming to please our clients in every way possible.

They alone, are our very best advert!